No Ma'am HD

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Quit being a sissy and take control of your Man-hood. Be a Man and use "No Maam", non-scientifically tested yet Man-approved pre-canned responses to suite your needs to deal with women during those frustrating and irritating moments:

Tell her to SHUT UP!
Crack open a beer and relax while ignoring her
Patronize her with Blah-Blah-Blah
Reverse Psychology: Cry like a baby
Give up with the Exasperated "UGH"
Just tune her out with snoring

Women frequently yell at men. Its a fact. In addition to yelling, women have also been known to criticize, condemn, disparage, badger, pester, annoy, bother, nag or otherwise generally hassle men -- often over ridiculous or insignificant topics and matters. This puts men in the undesirable and inconvenient position of having to respond to women in these instances.

Sometimes silence is the best response, but not this time. Dont try to handle a womans fully-loaded question or accusation that was unjustly imposed upon you on your own. When a woman directs an unfavorable remark or comment at a man, it’s like being tossed a hand grenade. There is no escape unless you know how to defuse it, and quickly.